Self care, but daily.

Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

B is for Body

This allows you to set a small goal related to your body each day. In my case, I often put in the amount of water I want to drink that day or a 15 minute workout.

U is for YoU

Me time’ is so underrated. This is a space for you to do one thing a day for you. I’ve had a plethora of stuff here over the last couple of years, from going for a walk, to reading a book.

I is for Income

Whether your larger term goals are financial or you simply want to allocate time in your day to develop a side hustle, this gives you an opportunity to build it in. For me, this ranged from a difficult task I wanted to complete for my day job, to setting aside time to understand how to better my skillset. Watching Product School webinars became a regular in this category!

L is for Loved Ones

This one was important for me. Over the years, I’d focus so heavily on work, that I found I never really had time to keep in touch with the people in my life that mattered. In this category, I pencil in time to do something fun with my daughter, grab a coffee with my husband, or make a plan to call and catch up with friends.

D is for Development

The sense of always learning is a great feeling. This is where I often exercised a little time in my day to learn something, whether that was 30 minutes of learning a new piece of music, or listening to a podcast. The Freakonomics podcast became a personal favourite, as they cover the most random topics!



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product and tech obsessed. proud feminist. advocate for smooth blend coffee. new mom.