We all played that game as a kid, right?

It was fun using the living room as an obstacle course, jumping from one sofa to the next, avoiding the floor, unless of course you wanted to metaphorically ‘die’. This often involved making too much noise and too much mess (sorry, mum), and usually resulted in a physical fight with a sibling. Good times.

The reality is, we’re kind of forced to play this right now, as adults. Except it’s not just a game, the floor isn’t lava, and actually, this is a bad analogy. The things we really need to…

Long gone are the days where you would think of a great idea for an app, and then spend even longer wondering how to bring it to life.

Photo by Safar Safarov on Unsplash

Google recently announced that they are purchasing a company called Appsheet, a no-code mobile app development platform. Valued at a cool $60 million, it is to no surprise that the scope of just who can build an app has exploded over the years, and Google most definitely see potential in this space.

Despite working in technology for the last 8 years, I’d still quite happily consider myself a complete noob when it…

For the ones who are lucky enough to work remotely or are location independent, I’ve curated 5 of my favourite places to work in London.

Photo by Kiyun Lee on Unsplash

We all concentrate in varying circumstances, right? Some like a little background noise (a bit of Einaudi, if you will), whilst others prefer pin drop silence. So what exactly am I looking for when I want to find somewhere to work? Aside from strong wifi (this is a given), I’ve consolidated my list based on a number of factors, for example; ambiance, quality of coffee and the amount of time it is socially acceptable to…


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